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Post run run

I just feel so joyous today I wanted to share today's run with you. First run today after my 10mile run on Sunday. Hmm...knees a bit sore, left hip and thigh tight, left shin and calf tender. Never mind, the dog needs to be out, let's give it a go. Brisk walk down to the towpath and we're off. Oops, a bit fast to start, slow down. Better. Breathing steady, legs and hips loosening up, lovely. Gentle trot along the towpath and down by the river. Flash of blue as a kingfisher darts past. I love it down here under the trees. Along the river bank and across the cricket ground keeping to the edge of course and then up the hill to the towpath again. Quick breather and a drink before I set off again. Past the ducklings with momma duck and see the heron hiding in the reeds. Everything seems to be good, legs, breathing and heart rate all in rhythm. Back up the hill and home to a shower, scrambled eggs and coffee. A lovely start to my day. Happy running everyone 🤗

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That sounds wonderful :-) what a lovely way to start this morning


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