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Worried about post-W9 motivation

I'm on W6 right now and really enjoying running, but I'm a bit worried about how I'll keep going after the program! I'm really in the work zone right now - my finals are coming up, and the last run will pretty much coincide with my last exam of the year. Which is great, in a way, because I imagine Ill really have that sense of achievement! But (and I'm aware this is a pretty silly problem to have) I'll be celebrating a lot in the weeks after, and going on holiday abroad for a week in a very hilly place. I'm worried I'll stop running and be back where I started! Any tips on keeping going if your routine massively changes?

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I would celebrate a lot too! What about not running on holiday and walking up and down those hills? Just don't let a week turn into 2, 3, 4 weeks of not running.

Do you have anything specific that you want to do with the running? Increase speed, distance? Looking back I wish I had celebrated the C25K with a 5k organised race, even if you're not completing 5k by running you could run/walk.

I would also suggest mixing up your runs a bit so you don't get bored, you could try a trail if you fancied?

Just depends on what you're after really :-)


I think I'd like to increase my speed - I think I'll be a lot more motivated to do that than feeling like I'm just trudging along for longer! I suppose actually I should see being in a few different places as as opportunity to try out different runs, as just going along the canal or on the treadmill here isn't that interesting


Sounds like you've got the beginnings of a plan there :-) and you could even start mixing up where you run just now if you feel like it.


Think about setting yourself another target for once you complete C25K. It might be to enter a 10K race in a few months time. It might be to run parkrun at least once a month. One of my targets is to complete a 5K in every country I visit. That way my running kit goes with me when i'm on holiday.

Hills aren't a problem. You just may not have seen many in Oxford. Take them slowly, walk when you have to, but enjoy running as much of them as you can. Do remember that all hills are down hill, You just have to run some of them in the wrong direction... ;)


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