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Yesterday was the third of week 9's runs and its done. I was very pleased with myself, but rather than post I had to have a quick shower and throw myself into the working day.

Cool with a light rain, for me it was good conditions. I could wear a jacket with pockets and so have somewhere comfortable for keys and gadgets. I was unlikely to get overly hot.

Thinking I had set my distance tracker as I set off, I knew I was off to a good start when my five minute walk took me beyond my usual start point. Those first five minutes of running though are still tough. Not from breathing, but the adoption of the calf muscles from walking to running. My first 5 minutes of running is also one of the uphills on my route, so there is a little more effort in getting moving.

At the 15 minute point it became clear that the distance tracker was not set, as I had not heard the call of passing one mile. I had however made it to a new visual marker and one I had been hoping I would eventually reach.

Pleased with myself I turned round to make the return journey, and noticed that my running stride had changed. On this occasion it wasn't quite the shuffle of feet reluctant to move from the ground, and a bit more of a stride. I suspect that I may even have given the walkers a run for the money in speed had their been any yesterday. On the flats and the downhills you might even have said I really was running. That is a significant improvement.

When I eventually had the chance to work out the distance I may have covered yesterday it seems I have made it to 4K. With a bit more confidence and weight loss, I'm confident that 5K is definitely on the horizon.

Yesterday was good too because there was exercise beyond the running and I feel none the worse for it today. In the evening I was out walking with friends, and my step tracker says that I covered about 9 miles in total yesterday. Something I would have struggled to do 9 weeks ago.

Tomorrow I'm going out with Laura again. Looking at other posts I think I may keep her with me for a wee while longer. Some of us need that "well done".

Next week will be interesting as I have to catch an early morning train to a work conference for the full week, so will be switching my running to the evening. I'm not so keen on evening running. It's harder to move after the day's events and dilemmas, but it will be essential after spending 7 hours a day sitting listening. Hopefully that change in my routine will not interrupt my new habits.

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I am a bit like you, best running in the morning. However after "the day's events and dilemmas" running is a good way to put it behind you, clear you head and unwind. I always feel so much better and de-stressed after an evening run.

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Firstly congratulations on graduating, this sounds like a good run. Now's the time to enjoy yourself a bit more. It's hard letting go of Laura, and there's no reason not to keep with her for a while, but there is so much more out there so don't be afraid to experiment so see what makes you happy.

I'm a morning runner but on Friday, I ran in the evening. I was worried I would make excuses not to go but instead I spent all day looking forward to it, I was more aware of my food and water intake during the day as I didn't want to be over-hungry or bloated, when I got home everything was ready as I had laid my clothes out before work and I was raring to go. I had a brilliant relaxed run (not time constraints) and will definitely do this again. So give it a go with a positive mind frame and see what happens.

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congratulations on graduating! Well done!


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