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Bit of a gap but week 5 run 1 done

The last three or four weeks have seen me fall off the running bandwagon a bit. Been really busy in the evenings and made excuses on the nights I could have run.

But got out once last week and did last run of week 4.

I wasn't looking forward to starting week 5 tonight but managed to get through the first day of it - bit of a struggle as I'd convinced myself that I'd have lost any fitness I'd built up.

Breathing was a bit of problem as I've got a cold and struggled to breath through my nose but I got there, my legs felt fine, if a bit tired but the end and no aches and pains afterwards.

I should have spare time to get back into a proper routine in the days ahead and I'm looking forward to days two and three of week five.

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Good to hear you're back on it!

Keep up the good work 🏃🏻😊


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