Fed up 😔

I am sure I have runners knee, I am fed up now as I've been doing so well got to w7! I haven't been running since last Thursday as read it's not advisable. I have some exercises to strengthen my 'quads'!! But the question is has anyone else suffered and am I supposed to do the exercises now or when it's better? I've been doing RICE and wear a support bandage- thankyou!!


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4 Replies

  • LOADS of us have suffered with knee trouble. I ended up having 2 months off after graduation because I didn't deal with my knee pain when it first cropped up. Definitely do your quad strengthening exercises every day. They're essential to protect your knees and they really really work. If the pain persists, get some professional advice. Good luck :)

  • Thankyou, I will. I know I have to wait, but being patient is not one of my virtues! I just need to accept I can go back to it eventually. I'm icing all the time and that helps. Thanks again 😊

  • Don't do your quad strengthening exercises till the pain has gone, if like squats they put pressure on the knee joint. When the pain has gone, gently reintroduce running and start these exercises. You can do some stretches for runner's knee now. Look on youtube. You should have no knee pain at all when doing them. If you can find the time, it would be good to see a doctor and get a referral for a physiotherapist. You can get past runner's knee but it may take a while to heal (couple of weeks). Running on it too early can cause a lot of trouble, so unfortunately you need to be patient. If it isn't runner's knee but some other problem, that might be quicker to fix (alignment issues etc) but you need an expert to diagnose that kind of thing. Good luck!

  • I had what I'm sure was runners knee a few months ago after doing too much too soon. So it was painful walking down stairs and downhill. I took a week off running and did some stretches where from a sitting position you extend your leg out and point your toes towards you. I then just went for a very short easy run and built the distance back up from there. I read that running with runners knee won't cause damage,it's just painful. It took 2-3 weeks for it to go completely. I think the main thing is to rest, take it easy when you start running again but get advice from a professional if this doesn't work.

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