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Week 2 Run 1

I actually felt good after the run yesterday morning and probably did a few more seconds on each 90 second bit as well. Away in my own thoughts when I heard Laura say well done for doing 90 seconds each time.

That is what I like about the early run, I may not be quick but my thoughts can wonder around. Looking forward to tomorrow morning.

My best mate says I am mad but it is in jest ( him being a naturally skinny type ). Wait until later in the year when we start playing badminton again LOL. Going by my varying scales at home I might have lost anywhere between about 6-10 lbs. Will know better next week when i get on a set of doctors scales to compare.

For all those new starters go at your own pace and just enjoy it.

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I like early morning runs too. Well done for progressing through the program and you're right--its best to go at your own pace.

Good luck :)


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