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W8 R1 done

Oh I do love being able to tick these runs off week by week (although I did have last week off on the IC due to a mischievious right foot playing up again). However I went for lunch yesterday and had the most calorific milkshake that I knew today was the day to get kick started again. As with previous runs, I found the first half to be harder than the second - I think it is mainly psychological as I know I'm on the home run after the half way point.

Timing wise, I usually track the whole run i.e. including the walk up walking but out of interest today I set Strava to do the whole thing and FitBit to do just the running part. Strava logged 4.3km and FitBit 3.4km - I felt a bit disappointed with the latter as thought I'd run further, stamina wise I felt good so think I may up the pace a little on the next run

Can't believe graduation could potentially be next week - woo hoo! :)

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