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Couch to 5K
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Finally did it! 3.6 miles / 5.8K

I've worked through the couch to to 5k, but kept getting injured or little niggles which prevent me from really running non-stop. Today I did it. What a perfect morning, sun is shining very little cars about and the trails around our house were no longer muddy. I was determined to run straight for 36 minutes and if I felt tired to slow down my pace rather than walk. I am really pleased, just when I thought I would never ever be able to run again.

2 years ago I had mid-foot fusion on my foot along with an bunionectomy. The operation was not completely successful, as it nicked a tendon on my toe and now I have a dropped toe which strikes first with every step. I've rigged a pad to lift the toe, and that helps. However, now with metal plates and pins in the foot, it has less spring, and I feel that I am dragging myself on each run.

Physiotherapy has really helped strengthening my foot and improving my knee imbalance. After today's run, I have a fantastic mental boost to push myself and go the next step ... the 10k.

I hope that eventually I will be back to my old self of running half-marathons.

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Congratulations! Persistence! You continue to push forward acknowledging challenged but also knowing your own capacity. Well done!

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Inspiring stuff! Well done for your determination :)

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