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5k Pro Runner

I have been following the 5K Pro Runner app instead of the NHS C25K as originally started by mistake. They are slightly different and it lasts 8 weeks instead of 9. In week 8 - I have a 28, 30 and 35 minute run. I want to make sure I am eligible to graduate on this website so could anyone tell me the runs I am required to do on week 9 on this programme.

Just finishing week 7 and I cannot believe I am ever going to do this. However so far so good 😃😄😀

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Week 9 is 3 x 30 minute runs

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Of course you are! Different program, no big deal. Though I highly recommend downloading one run of week 8 (?) So that you can meet the lovely Laura, who we speak so highly of, and Julie who none of us will ever forget.

Good luck on your graduation week. That badge will look great beside your name.


I don't think it matters how but it's about being able to run for 30 minutes... Well done you :)


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