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Doing W5 again!

Hi all

not been on for a while completed Wk5 and took the advise at end of Pod cast to do it again r1 I found very difficult so had a think about it and decided for r2 to have 30min power nap before it big difference so that's my plan from now on r3 for second time tomorrow and then on to Wk6 I think doing W5 again may just help with the stamina a little we'll see tomorrow. Determined to complete though even if there are set backs as there are bound to be.TTFN

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Well done!

I'm struggling with W6 and plan to redo R2 tomorrow morning. I found R1 particularly difficult but completed it. But R2 was too much for me. I'm going to attempt it outdoors tomorrow and see if that makes a difference!

Good luck with R3 tomorrow.


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