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Thank you Ricky and Lorraine!

Feeling considerably better than I have done for a few weeks, I headed off on W9R1. Its not as warm this morning, which I think helped. First five minutes sore legs, but okay. Ten minutes in I'm wondering if I'm going too fast, but the music is good and I can still sing so not a worry. At fifteen minutes I'm cheering because I've managed to hill climbs and for the first time I've hit the entrance to the farm that is about a mile and a quarter from the house. Its time to turn around.

The first part of the stretch home is easy, its the hill I've just come up, but that means I've got to climb the hill again to make it to the home straight. At about twenty-three minutes I started to think I'm not going to make the full 30 minutes. My legs are heavy, I can just see the hill rising ahead of me.

And then the magic chords of "That's What We Can Do" (Deacon Blue) hit my ears, and suddenly I find new life. I'm singing and running.

In fact as Laura announces that there is five minutes to go I speed up. Full of energy I finish the full thirty minutes.

Thank you Ricky and Lorraine!

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well done for completing! I'm glad the music helped you through even though I have a grudge against Ricky for the bad grammar in 'real gone kid'! He's a native to my part of the world though so should be happy he got you through!

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