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W7 R2 many snails!

Yes I mean the actual ones! 

Crawled out of bed this morning and while half asleep put on my running gear. Checked my phone, oh 16 degrees, much better than my sunday struggle. Quick glance outside, sky looks a bit dark but doesn't seem to bad. Walk out the door, oh hey, rain! 

Not sure what it was that got me through the 25 mins run (very slow jog), whether it was the rain cooling me down as I went into radiator mode, the fact that I decided against Laura's wonderfully dreary music about long distance relationships and chose a bit of rock, or just that I was so busy concentrating on the ridiculous amount of snails on the path this morning,

Seriously, there was a lot of snails...

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The damp brings them out- where I run there is one particular path that is covered in worms when it's wet. It is really difficult to avoid stepping on them which is totally gross! 


I felt like i was doing some wacky assault course! I should've counted them but there was literally one every other step!

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Yep, it's a new form of training!  You know that exercise where you have to run with your knees up?  It normally involves running in and out of tyres but if you don't have tyres, you can use snails :D

Seriously, it can be really difficult to avoid them after the rain, can't it?  I always think I must look ridiculous (well, more so than usual) as I hop and skip erratically down the pavement.  There's one particular stretch near me where they seem to congregate - it must be smoother and feel like snaily carpet or something :D


Very true! I wish I'd got a picture now, certainly made me stop thinking about the aches and pains and how far I had left to run! Bring on the snails!


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