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Just when you thought it was safe............ I'm back! 😜

Hi All,

Sorry I have been on WC and IC for 2 weeks 😖 I did my first run as a Gradute on Monday 25th April and it did not go well!!😡 I downloaded the podcast for the Stepping Stones for beyond C25K and started off and the music was all wrong then had to stop to start RunKeeper and that went wrong then started off on the app and Laura came on telling me to keep to the pace 1...2...3...4 and wow it was fast!!! To fast after 10 minutes I had a stitch and Laura kept saying keep to the pace 1...2...3...4 I'm sorry but has anyone else experienced the Stepping Stone podcast and thought Laura should have a slight German accent and wearing riding boots and a crop then the 'You must keep to zee pace 1...2...3...4 keep to zee pace😈 ' sorry German Laura you had to go!!! Then I tried using the RunKeeper app but that lasted only a couple of minutes I can't stand American Accents telling me what to do!! So I just ran with the music but made a mistake of wearing all black so got very hot!! 😥 And only managed 20 minutes running....

I have been trying to get a 'English' speaking app but apparently there are none as everyone I downloaded thought that 'American' is English!!!! I even tried getting the Karrimor inning app (As this is a English Company) but Apple has stopped using it!!! So then I got a stomach virus which stopped me running which was quite funny had to go to the Doctors and she asked me do I do any excercises? I said I had just Graduated from the C25K and she congratulated me and so I said but unfortunately I had to stop as the stomach virus had attacked again and she said 'But You can run with a stomach virus!' I said 'Well unless I strap a porta loo on my back it could be a problem🙄' oh the reason I was there I also had a problem with my toe which I'm now on antibiotics but this also held me back....

So last night did my second run and got a stitch after 10 minutes and walked and jogged round and now using Runtastic app as the 'English' Accent is not that bad and I must have on and off run for 20 minutes and when I got home it congratulated me and told me I did 5K in 37 minutes!!! So I was delighted with that and I'm getting back but with any break it takes you time to get back up to your best....

So Wednesday I will go again and might use the new shorts (Yes I forgot to say that on Tuesday 26th I went and got some which is probably why I got hit by a stomach virus and bad toe 😂) so I suppose that means another cold spell!!! 🌨 

I will post what happens....

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Hi OldPapaBear that stepping stones does take a bit of getting used to !  It is good through.  Perhaps bank it for now, but keep it on your phone - just in case.  Congrats on your 5k pb, it's a stonker :)

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Whooo hoo. 5K in 37 mins.... wowsers!

You are doing well.. every run from here on in is an adventure... Stepping stones is weird... I used to have to do an odd little soft shoe shuffle when I did it!!

The other ones are fun.. well at least I think so! I am using Speed quite a bit at the moment for speeding up a bit.. duh, obviously... and Stamina to increase my distance... have got up to 7K... all good fun!!!

You can just pick and choose now you have Graduated... :)

You take care of yourself too Papa Bear... need you to stay fit...I need the moral support... especially since I am going to be an OldGrammy bear!!!!

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Floss YOU will take being a Grandparent in YOUR stride!!! And at the moment that sounds a quick one!! 😉 Now about that jogging buggy I wonder if it can have a limiter fitted 🤔 Or maybe just go faster strips😂 Oh I can here the Little One now......'Faster Granny...Faster..' 🍾👏


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