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Week 2 Run 3 faster or longer??

So finished week 2!! Started off at my usually slow and steady pace and at the end of each run section really wanted to carry on running just for a little longer. I held back though and instead increased my pace in the last couple of runs as still felt had plenty left in the tank. Felt awesome but I'm not sure what's better faster or longer?? Felt I should run longer to prepare for next week but then again it felt wrong going against what Laura tells me, she's the boss after all. 

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The best thing would be to gradually learn how to distribute that extra energy along the entire run, so that you will run a tad faster from beginning to end rather than "sprinting" at the end.


I have just finished week 2 run 3 and felt exactly the same way as you.  I was tempted to go slightly faster because I felt like I could, but as you say I could hear Laura in my head telling not to hurry it!  I posted earlier in the week really struggling to do the 1 1/2 min instead of 1 min so I am really chuffed.  Well done you too, maybe we can do this ;-)


at this stage ,I was a bit naughty and just added on another few intervals of the same length, didn't do me any harm but I was quite active before I started...


I found following the programme was best rather than trying to do more.  As you are about to do week 3, it is going to get progressively harder.  It is good that you feel you have more though, well done, keep up the good running 


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