Today has been a good day - got a great result in an exam for my MSc that I did this morning but the somewhat bigger achievement for me has to be completing the first run of week 3! 

Love reading this forum every day and it really inspires me to keep at it. Such a breath of fresh air after all the peacocking and competitiveness that you see around social media. I feel like I'll continue with the running just to remain part of this community! :) Of course, how great I feel, body and mind, after a run helps too! Wish I could pack that feeling up into a little box and turn it on whenever I want! 

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  • Well done with the exam melly4012 , and of course the running. I'll be doing W3R2 in the morning, probably in pouring rain. Bring it on!

  • Well done - for exam and run! The forum is very inspiring - and hearing stories like yours is lovely!