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My First Injury......any advice anyone ?

Hi everyone,

I graduated in late March 16 and have been running 3 times a week since then generally running the same route around where I live and between 5-6K aach run.

Last Monday I was planning to run a little further and when I got to 6.8k I got a sudden very sharp pain running from right ankle to right knee more on the outer side of my calf. It was like a massive (sudden) cramp and just stopped me in my tracks and bought me to a standstill and a very sorry looking limp home.

I gave it the ice and massage treatment and did no excercise on it all week, until this morning. During the week it seemed to get better on it's own to the point of feeling good again.

I did the usual 5 minute walk (warm up) and a few calf stretches and set off for a hopeful 5k.

Right from the first step the calf was 'not right' but I carried on and at about 1K I just knew it was getting tighter and tighter and decided at that point to stop running and walk home, before it gave way like last time.

So the questions are....did I not leave it long enough?.....should I have it strapped when running?......should I do gentle excercise on it daily whilst it recovers?......should I leave it 2 weeks doing no excercise on it apart from daily walking?......too many questions and options but don't know what to do for the best.

Anyone experienced a similar issue and did anything in particular work for you?

Cheers everyone

Ian B

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Perhaps when your injury heals, you could vary your route- even if you just run it in reverse. Going the same way, with slants and turns can put stress on the same joints.

Hope you're back on your feet soon. 


I think the question is , what is the cause? 

That is perhaps more difficult to pin point, you did all the right things at the time and left it long enough to recover.

Maybe the next step is your doc or sports physio, hopefully someone here will have experienced similar and be able to offer more specific advise

Hope youbrecover soon 😊


Thx Rob, I guess that might be the next step but I was kinda hoping rest would resolve the issue. I have only just finished a course of physio on my back at 36 pound a pop it soon adds up. I know a sports physio who is local so might go and see him for a diagnosis if it doesn't settle down in the next 2 weeks

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