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Parkrun report take 2 :)

Hi everyone, I think my last post was way to long so I'm going to attempt this for a 2nd time, just a lot shorter or at least a bit shorter,

I know a few of you have probably read my first post that I wrote today so that's ok if you don't want to read this,

I thought today was going to be a bad day, last night I ended up putting one of my fingers in to hot oil whilst frying some eggs last night, I then decided on staying up until 11pm to watch the film insidious, learnt my lesson not to stay up so late in the future,

I get up this morning at 5 and then fall back to sleep but I don't remember falling asleep, remember waking up at 5 and then waking up at around 5:45 so glad it was before 6 as it gave me enough time to have a shower, get changed, have some breakfast, double and even triple check I have everything in my bag,

I set off at nearly 7:15 and nearly ended up missing the bus but I managed to get to the bus stop in time as I got there for 7:35 and managed to get the bus at 7:43 and got to parkrun for 8, me and some other volunteers stand around and chat to one another, as we was waiting for the run director to turn up with the keys to let us in,

The run director turned up and we got to work, I helped by putting the cones out around the track, the starting cones to mark the start of the parkrun and the cones directing people off the track, I really enjoy helping out at parkrun even if it is just the cones around the track, starting cones and cones directing people off the track,

Everything is done and dusted in next to no time there was a huge amount of volunteers that turned up today as we had a burden road runners take overs, so they tell people about their running club to try and advertise it so more people will come to the running club, this was the 3rd in a series of take overs, we've had radcliffe AC and Darwen Dashers,

As I'm putting out the cones around the cones Bill turns up and we chat whilst I put out the cones which is pretty difficult for me as I try and concentrate on the number for when I put the cones out, we chat and then I meet my friend Phil in person, we speak and then I take him over to rowan and introduce them both as it was Rowan that told me about Phil trying to contact me, Phil goes off for a warm up lap so I go over and chat to other volunteers and wait for phil to come around again, I take phil over to the new runners briefing as it was Phil first time at bolton parkrun,

We then stand listening to the runners briefing and then we go and line up at the start of the run, and then we are off, because Phil is visually impaired I acted as Phil's guide today and has told me that I was a really good guide going round the course, I didn't know whether or not I would be a good guide as I'm a brain injury survivor as well but Phil said I did really well so I'm really pleased with that and I could be an official guide for anyone else that is visually impaired probably not for anyone who is blind but for people who are visually impaired I feel capable of directing them around the course at bolton parkrun :)

Phil and I run around the course we managed to run up the hill the first time and then the 2nd time we run up around half of the course and then we walk the rest of the way up, I think we both did extremely well and we came across the finish line at the same time of 34:59, a 2nd below 35 minutes so the 3rd time I've managed to run under 35 minutes in 45 parkrun's I've ran,

We then wait for the barcodes and tokens to be scanned then I manage to track ali down so me and Phil can get our picture took together as I'm a lot smaller I stood on my tip toes so I didn't look as small, then I helped phil get out of the track as there is 3 gates and a set of doors for the building that is next to the track and it took me a few weeks to realise where I should go to get out of the place,

I said bye to Phil and went back to find Bill and then found Ali to speak about the run report I'm going to write next week, he has said I can just copy the run report I do for here and they will put that up but not sure about that as I think it might be better if I write a seperate run report for the actual parkrun page, I said that I'd love to write the report because parkrun has given me so much more than I have given back to parkrun, what is everyone's opinion about do I send a copy of the report I do for this website or do I do a seperate report for the parkrun page?

I then said bye to ali and to other people and left parkrun to head home,

I feel right at home at parkrun, I don't feel like I need to pretend to be someone I'm not, I'm just me, I'm not the fastest at parkrun I'm just a fellow runner who tries to get around the parkrun course each week, and who tries to help out as much as I can each week,

I had a great day and loved today, I really enjoyed meeting Phil and being Phil's guide, I enjoyed seeing bill today and other friends at parkrun, I enjoyed helping out and I wasn't that far off my PB so that was a bonus and I felt pretty good after the run just a bit tired and sore but I usually finish a parkrun with being tired and sore,

I hope everyone has had a great run, I'm sorry this is a 2nd post, just thought my last post was too long even for me, so here's a (I hope) improved parkrun report,

Take care everyone,

Siobhan x

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Sounds like a great day. The Bolton park run sounds so friendly. What a great bunch of volunteers you must have there. I love the wa y you made Phil welcome and guided him through everything. That was a really nice thing to do.


Great report. You and Phil did brilliantly to finish with that time, and I'm sure he enjoyed it as much as you. 😊

Good luck with writing your report for the parkrun publication Siobhan,  just like this one will be fine, you really seem to capture the whole atmosphere of taking part in parkrun. x


Inspirational reading - many thanks. I enjoyed 'em both.


Both posts are great! 

Well done you, you make me feel as if I am running beside you. What a good time you had, and helping your friend Phil too, lovely girl! if I was in your area, even I might be brave enough to try a Park run, especially if you were there to help me!

Just write your report as you always do maybe? Your passion for the Park run shines through, keep your own style ? Just go for it Siobhan, they will check it through for you.. Cannot wait for your next post! :)


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