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Week 7 slowly jogging

Week 7 slowly jogging

We 7 c25k, app crashed so ran without "Laura" I'm so unfit that u start looking at my watch after 2 minutes, but I'm determined to complete. TODAY week 7 day 2, "don't care if it kills me" attitude will hopefully get me through. Towards the end if these longer runs I get pins needles in toes, left side lower back pain and I'm still carrying groin strain from last yr!? 13 year since gave up fags. 4 stone too heavy as a consequence. 

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well done for completing today,and for ditching the cigs, ! but I don't have any answers about your pins and needles, perhaps related to your back and maybe a trapped nerve? Not something I've had so hopefully someone else will have an answer for you. And maybe mention it to GP?

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