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Thank you all for taking the time to reply

Just gone back out thinking I would do 20 mins rather than the 25. First 5 were awful and felt like 10 then when it came to 10 I walked , decided I woukd walk for 3 then do another 10 , better than nothing . Only I walked after another 5 . Gutted its all gone wrong . Someone asked what's stopping me - it's the pain in my legs well calves, right more than the left but both . I've did the whole new trainers thing where they watch you run , check knees etc so ain't the shoes ! 🤔

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Firstly, don't be so hard on yourself.  You have come some far from being not able to run at all and be proud of that.  I also find the first 5-10 mins really hard until I get into a rhythm.  I can't offer any advice on the 'calves' situation but, if you can do 10 minutes for now, just be happy with that. When I first started couch to 5K I had an issue with my right ankle, so I just cut back on the speed and time running and it eventually sorted itself out.  I now do weekly park runs of 5K and one longer run a week.  You WILL get there, just DONT give up and be proud of yourself and what you have already achieved.


Aw thank you Maria62 , can't wait to be able to do park runs . I had registered weeks ago thinking I was almost there only it seems I'm miles away now 😥 . But I will keep going I might even go back 2 weeks and repeat 👍🏼


I went on a  park run yesterday and got chatting to a lady that has similar problems to yours.  If you have registered, just go.  She explained she runs for 10 mins and walks for 5ish.  She does loads of stretches before she starts, when everyone else is stood around chatting and loads of stretches when she finishes.  Some people even walk it and thoroughly enjoy it.  I can't tell you what the park run community is like - they are just like this forum, absolutely fantastic and so supportive.  I have just completed my third park run and you just go at YOUR pace and don't be worrying about what everyone else is doing.  I go there on my own, but everyone is so friendly.  Make sure when you register, you run off your park run passcode and take it with you.  Speak to one of the Marshals when you get there and they will explain everything to you.


Thanks @Maria62 xx


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