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Week 9 r1

Given that I believe that slow food is vastly better than fast food, my style of running should be at it's peak of satisfaction.  With the 10 minutes of walking, my total distance was 3.9k.  I think that means I am 'running' around 3 kilometers an hour!  That is the 'casserole of spare ribs' of the running world.  It wasn't helped by me hitting the wrong playlist, instead of a mix of modern disco, pitch perfect and the Pretenders, I got an album of European Klesmer music, which started off well but then went into a slow waltz.  You ever tried running to a 3/4 beat?  I wanted to run in very small circles.  Still after the first 10 minutes I found my pace and it wasn't hard.  Fancy saying that - 30 mins wasn't hard to do.  I must have had a body transplant when I wasn't looking.....

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I like your way of thinking 😀

Could be a new run distance -  think I'll go and run a beef stew and dumplings see you in a couple of hours!  Anyway you are out and running and have almost graduated, well done.


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