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So I finished week 3 and felt optimistic about week 4 however since I've been doing 12 hour shifts a lot and if I have had a day off, I've been too sore to run (job involves lifting and a lot of running about). Hoping to get back to things this weekend but it's been about a week and a half without a run! So annoyed with myself!!! Do you think I should redo a week 3 run to get back to it or just go for week 4?

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I think, personally, I'd go for another week 3 run and see how that feels. If you manage that fine, then you're all set for week 4, with the benefit of getting back into it relatively gently. But if you feel you can do week 4 with no problem, then go for it! Have fun!


It depends on a few things in my mind.  It sounds like your job is pretty active!  How hard did you find week 3?  If you felt happy with it and ready for week 4 why not try the first run of W4 and see how you go?  If you really struggled try W3 again.  Either way there's no shame in repeating a week.  Happy running :)

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I have redone weeks many times, there's no shame in redoing the runs. I struggle with my lungs and despite graduating last summer I've had to return to week 2/3 but as long as I'm running  I'm happy :) 


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