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Not my finest moment!

Hello everybody!

So I haven't run nearly as much as I have wanted to this week, which is really irritating as I wanted to get a good 30-minutes run in before my 5k at the weekend. I'll just have to hope that the atmosphere of the event will be enough to carry me through!

Anyway, I couldn't run earlier this week because I was resting from a visit to my local hospital at 1am! Fortunately I am fine, but I stayed there until about 5am having blood work etc. done because I had symptoms consistent with appendicitus. I felt silly as it turned out to be nothing serious, but they assured me that I'd done the right thing by calling 111 and having them assess me - if it had have been appendicitus, I would have been in trouble! Anyway that late-night visit made my body clock a bit wonky for a few days, so I decided today that I needed to run.

I ended up heading out at 1.30pm, and boy was that an error! I had wanted to wash my hair before going food shopping later, and it just made sense to go for a run and then shower. I ended up only managing to get out and about for 25 minutes before I was home again, headachey from dehydration! It was pretty silly of me to head out during the hottest hours of the day without water. Lesson learned!

Also, I had a near miss with a van earlier. I am always incredibly cautious when I am running. I check for vehicles coming both ways (even on one-way streets, because you never know!), I check for vehicles indicating or backing out of driveways - I am extremely conscientious. So imagine my surprise when not 5 minutes into my run as I was crossing the road, a van pulled out right in front of me without indicating or checking! I actually cried out in surprise. I almost shouted after him to indicate, but I was actually quite shocked so I didn't. I've never had anything like that happen to me before. As a driver I am extremely careful when pulling off, there could be kids around the car or animals or anything! It hasn't deterred me at all, but it's a good reminder for us as runners and/or drivers to be vigilant. I was wearing a blue top and bright pink shorts and shoes (very fetching, I know), so I was very visible!

Anyway. I hope that everyone is having a good week and doesn't make the same mistake I did about the water - I ended up feeling headachey for quite a while afterwards!

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Hi yamiskoi , sounds like you have a bit of  a time of it but glad all is ok, better to get checked out if in doubt. 

I know exactly what you mean about some drivers, by coincidence a van pulled in front of me entering a no entry road ! Fraid I let him have both barrels !!! Doesn't matter how visible we are there is always some idiot out to get us. Really you shouldn't need  to take water or a drink for a 30 min run , if you are like me I don't drink enough water in general. 

Note to self must try harder 😊

As they say tomorrow is another day 😊

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I know what you mean about dehydration, yamiskoi - I make sure to have at least 2 glasses of water before I set out. Today (W6R2) was hard, though - it was quite hot and dusty in London.


Are you still running? Hope all well! :)


We haven't heard from you in a while, just wanted to check in and see how you're doing hope all's well!


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