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Newbie is still learning

Hello to all, I hope everyone is reaching their goals. For those that have not quite reach them, don't give up! You will get there.  It may take longer than you expected but anything worth attaining is worth waiting for.   Today was W3R1 for me. Honestly I got freaked out every time I reviewed the upcoming program and saw that I was going to be running 3 consecutive minutes. Part of my brain said " Keep on dreaming honey".  But when the day came I put on some favorite music and just started moving. It was a step up from the last two weeks and it was a push, my calve were burning but I made it to the end. It was a little slower than pace on the first 3 minute run. Ahhh cool down time! :) then a minor disaster struck.  It's supposed to be 5 minutes right. Well it seemed like it was taking to long so I looked at the clock n sure enough it had been 8 minutes. I'm thinking "Did I miss the announcement?" So I look at my phone and I have an error notification "The C25K Pro app is not responding" Are you kidding me! After all that and it didn't logged the run. Crap! There is the positive side. One I did the run even if it didn't record it and two, although I normally run outside, it was raining so I was on the treadmill and I could snap a picture of the program results. Not as good as the real deal but I will take it. Did anyone else have problems with the app? Or is this just a fluke?  

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The app did i have some glitches in the matrix, when I used it, it froze and sometimes doubled the program time , ditched it and used the podcasts. 


Thanks for the feedback Rob. I have heard people talk about podcasts but I'm not very tech savvy. I don't know what they are talking about. Could you fill me in on what it us or where to find them?

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Hi there - the podcasts are available on iTunes and you can download them via the NHS site. (Just click on the "Download podcasts from iTunes" link on this page, then choose the one you need: )

I have been using the podcasts the whole way through. They are excellent and seem to work perfectly, although the music selection is not to everyone's taste!


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