Gulp :)

Hello and good morning.  W1R1 will be occurring in about 30 minutes...I'm rooting around the house for a baseball cap, so I can hide.  Wanted to do the c25k for a while, being three stone overweight means running in public is an obstacle in my mind - that and looking like a beetroot on exertion.  Reading the posts on this site have given me inspiration to just get out there and do it.  The weather is beautiful today too, perfect start.  Time to put on my trainers :)

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  • Yess!! I got my cheerleader pompoms ready for you. It looks fabulous out there, slightly jealous as I'm on the bench due to a bad back :( I'll be cheering you on from here!! :)

  • ooh no, nothing worse than a bad back, hope you are back on form soon x  just got back....  OOf...OMG  Lol... was tough, but felt good too, thank you for your kind support :) 

  • Thank you! On week 7 and have properly itchy feet to get out there (I wouldn't have said that 2 months ago!).  And well done for getting out there! Look forward to seeing what amazing things you can achieve in just a few weeks and keep posting to this wonderful bunch of supporters you have here :) 

  • Woo Hoo , its a PUG !!!!

    Good Morning to you and Welcome aboard !

    All I can say is 99.9 %  of us were exactly at the same point as you now, wanting to do it but thinking, oh but what if... what will I do if ..... its perfectly normal so don't worry :-)

    Good Luck, you can do this you know, yes , you can . Slow and steady its just a gentle jog.

    You can then come on here and tell us all about it ! :-) xxx

  • haha, go go pugsters :) Hello and thank you kindly for your reply.  Just back and I'm still radioactive, could fry half a dozen eggs on my face..  How did I get this fat and  Run/walk wasn't easy, but wasn't hideous either, all in, honestly enjoyed it x  Paula will be safe for a good while yet :) 

  • Great stuff ! Well done , you've done the hardest part getting off the sofa and out of the door .

    Keep going and keep posting , look forward to hearing of your progress and don't forget if theres anything youre not sure of , just ask . No matter how " trivial " or " daft " you might think it seems, there will always be someone on here you can help .

    Oh, don't forget your stretches and enjoy this beautiful day ! :-) xxx

  • Go you!!!

    You can do this! it is indeed a beautiful morning, I'm jealous because I ran yesterday and always want to go the day after a run as well. I was overweight when I started C25K one sunny morning- 23rd July last year. Just got up and decided to do it. I'm so glad I did. I still need to lose weight but graduating the C25K programme has enormous mental benefits - and folks in our position struggle at the start but believe me your body will adapt to what you tell it to do, when you take charge like this :) Hope it goes well!

    ps age is no barrier to the programme, nor is weight- as you will have seen from the lovely folks who post honestly and openly on here. Just GO SLOW! I was redder than a beetroot and gasping like a fish out of water as I worked my way through the programme... :)

  • Thank you muchly and good morning to you :)  Such a gorgeous day, enjoyed the first run out.  Managed to find a quiet country lane, only a few cars, me and the birds, lovely.  Legs are bit jelly and red as expected, breathing was hard too, but i did  Glad to hear running has helped with your weight and mood, finding the weight issue very depressing indeed (been slim all my life till now) .  Fingers crossed this will help me too, in more ways than just weight loss.  Congrats on your graduation and thank you xx

  • Well done! What a fabulous morning to start on- and that's one of the hardest bits out of the way- that first step out the front door in running gear and that first 'oh my goodness I'm going to have to break into a run!' moment... great :)

  • Go for it! Am on week 3 run 1 and taken advice from the lovely folk on here to take it slow. Good luck !!

  • Thank you, and well done on week three !  Flippin hope it's a bit easier by  Feels good after finishing.  Breathing was hard though, can see i might need to repeat week one, just to ease myself into it.  Can't wait for the day I can run 5k... (i hope) xx  

  • I started in pretty much the same position as you and was utterly shocked when I made it through that first session - you can too! I had a setback last week with a knee flare up, but have rested it, got new running shoes after going to have my gait analysed, and I've just done Week 3 run 3. You can definitely do this!

  • thank you and congrats on week three, soon to be week four !!   Hope the knee is sorted now.  My knees aren't the best either so will definitely be taking things gently, ran with a heart strap to make sure i didn't get into heart attach  Such is my level of fitness these days :)  xx

  • You're doing this for you.  Remember that always.  Now just go out and do it. 

    Tell us how it went when you get back.

    Go very slowly.   Finishing is the name of the game ☺

  • thank you for your kind support.  I'm glad to report that I'm still alive.  I made it round. (just)   Wahoo.. lol xx  was great and I loved it, getting addicted would be fine with me :) 

  • Go for it an don't worry about what you'll look like - just think about good you'll feel Honestly, this programme is amaxing - I'm 3 stone overweight too and decided I needed to get fitter, I've just finished week 7 and never in a million years did I think I'd be able to run for 25 mins without stopping but it does work. Just take your time, don't worry at all about how fast / slow you're going as it's all about building up stamina. 

  • thank you, and well done with your successes too !!  i can't imagine running 25mins solid at this point.  Hope my lungs learn to work properly soon.  I've been counting calories, average 1400 per day and doing about 10,000 steps - zero weight loss.  So i thought I'd have a go at running next.  Either that or just eat the entire chocolate supplies in the world out of utter pigging  :) xx

  • Thank you :) One thing I will say with the weight loss is don't just use scales as a measure. I've noticed the biggest difference is that my clothes feel a lot looser as I've been running more even though the scales don't reflect it as much. So if you want to measure, take into account inches too. If all else fails, I'll join you with the chocolate eating :) As for the running, you will get to the 25 min point, I never thought I would (I hadn't run for that long since leaving school years ago eek) but because this programme builds you up bit by bit it does work xx 

  • you will have to share the chocolate with ME :) 

    The changes in my body I thought were pretty imperceptible for the first few weeks- but once you start doing longer runs regularly, on the back of having built up through the walk-run programme- you really do see a difference - and others will too. My bro in law said how much more toned I was looking after I graduated :)

  • Just go for it - you won't regret it for a second.  I got sniggered at by some school children this week; I think due to the beetroot-ness of my face at the end of my longest ever run, but I just turned my head away and ran even faster!

    Good luck :-)

  • I'm not sure i have ever been heckled- but my thinking is that a big smile accompanied possibly with a thumbs up would be the best response ;)

  • hello and thank you, love your trainers !! they would go nicely with my face.. haha.  Some of us are just gifted with the beets, used to get red at school too..i don't think i was this unfit then..anyway, i'll just buy a bigger baseball cap.  bum to it :) xx

  • Brilliant! Thank you, yes I'm very fond of my pink runners - I definitely believe they make me run better haha!

  • Two years running and my face still goes red enough to concern passerbys.  It's a badge of honour that you worked hard.


  • Me too! Baked a pistachio-lemon cake instead... rest days are a health hazard...

  • Well done!  You'll probably ache like mad when you wake up tomorrow morning (I was after my first few runs).  This can be helped by doing some stretches after a run, and your body will soon get used to it.  Take extra rest days if you need to - there's no time pressure here :)

  • hello, and thank you xx off to shower and get ready for work, maybe the hot shower will help :) thanks for the tip, will stretch next time 

  • Woo-hoo!  You did it - well done!  I started C25K at around 4 stone overweight (it is now just over 3) and took it very gently at first, just to be sure I didn't injure anything and now I am on week7 and loving it.  It really does get easier!

  • hello and thank you xx  it's good to know this is helping with your weight, so hopeful it will help me too.  Congrats on week 7 !! thats a fab achievement, hope i get there too :) 

  • Well done for getting started on c25k.

    Don't  panic about your breathing just follow the instructions, take it nice and slowly and you will find it improves as you move through the program.

    Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards to help your muscles.

    Good luck for run 2. 😊

  • hello and thank you - run 2 tomorrow and I'm actually looking forward to it - just hope i have the lane to myself again, that was great.  Thanks for the tips, will try and drink more water :)

  • Welcome aboard, Oinky72. Good for you that you have made up your mind to do this for yourself and your loved ones. If you are anything like the rest of us in this forum, you are going to be soooo happy that you did and amazed by your progress over the next couple of months. I too am overweight (2 stone, I guess) and not always feeling elegant when I run. I sometimes feel like a snail, because I have to go really slow to make it, but that's perfectly alright. Keep us posted about all your ups and downs.

  • hello and thank you for your kind words.  It's great to know that others felt just like i do right now but pushed on to run non-stop for more than 60 seconds :)  yesterday showed me how unfit I've become...and it's a wakeup call, esp at my age, and with my families hereditary health issues.  My pace is def going to be snail like too, but i don't mind, it's all about making our hearts strong & healthy i think :) xx 

  • The first run is the hardest! Good on you for starting, and good luck with the rest of the programme. Keep us posted.

  • thank you and i'll definitely be hanging around this site often, some very inspiring stories and posts - will help keep me going i think xx 

  • I am just starting week 9. I found the first two weeks to be the hardest physcally, after which it became less hard on the body and more about the mind.  I was so shy at going outside (I was living and working at a residential school) that I tried to find ways out the building that no-one would see me in my running gear.  Now I am proud of wearing  it.  I decided to put in a series of 'rewards' for my hard efforts, only to realise that all my life my rewards have tended to be food based!  Made me question my whole base of 'being nice to myself'.  So I started buying new tops etc as a reward.  At least I was better than my work colleagues who equate 'reward' with 'alcohol'! 

  • hello and thank you.  Congratulations on your achievements, you've done really really well, nearly finished even - well done you !! :)  Am afraid i too am guilty of naughty wine rewards, along with crisps, sweets & chocolates....although I've abolished all of it for now, hoping to shift some wobble butt.  Exercising in public is not easy, esp when overweight but I've decided to suck it up, as running on the treadmill is THE most hideously boring activity on earth :)  lol  Being a bit of an anti-social git, running really appeals to me, so hope I can reach your level in the future xx

  • All the best and as Laura says "go for it" :)

  • haha, cheers - looking forward to r2 tomoz...grrrr... let me at em :) :) 

  • Welcome - so pleased you have joined us, friendly bunch on this forum and so encouraging. Well done for taking the plunge and doing something for you. Keep posting your progress. 

  • hello and thank you.  yes, you are a fabulously friendly bunch, such kindness - it's humbling.  I'm looking forward to joining in lots here :)

  • Well done Oink!  Just continue to take things very steady. Slow is the word!  Lots of time for that later. For now go nice and steady. Enjoy yourself!  

  • hello & thank you, i'm determined to stick with, slowly-slowly for sure :)

  • Well done getting out there for your first run and welcome to the club! 

  • hello and thank you :) x

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