Week 8 run 3 and a surprise

Week 8 run 3 and a surprise

Just got back from the final week 8 run.  I find that the first 10 minutes are not pleasant, you just have to get through them. But after that I get into some kind of running groove, still with heavy legs but managable.  My pace is a slow shuffle of a jog, only passing people if they have at least one walking stick.

 But today around the half way mark, I was getting a message that if I wanted to, there was an extra gear available.  I dismissed this with some scorn, thinking that this was not the time to mess around and maybe not finish the run.  But I was still feeling good at the 28 minute mark and suddenly to my surprise I upped and RAN.  Speed, legs lifting up behind, fast enough to set my hair flying, and a manic grin on my face.  I stopped after half a minute, more out of shock than anything else and completed the run for 30 minutes, with no stops.  I had been wondering when reading about interval training, i.e. slow jog with bursts of speed, knowing that so far I didn't have anything in the tank to give, but wow, maybe there will be! 

Life is full of surprises.  I add another photo, just because I can.  It is the Greek mountains as seen from our house.

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  • Looks great Lily. Is that snow still?

  • That was taken a while back but we have a fresh coat of snow on the mountains from recent rain here.  Often we have some snow on the tops 8 to 9 months of the year.  Looks lovely

  • I love that! Gives me hope!  Still trying to transition from that slow shuffle of a jog to actual running. In a 29 minute jog today, I managed about 60 seconds of running. :-\ - but it was the best running I've done so far since I stared this aside from some 50 yard dashes early on to check my state. Pitiful state btw.

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