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Hmm does this count?

So W2R1. Come back from work it's raining have some toast and a cup of tea then decide to take the dog out. I ll put my trainers on you never know u may be able to do it I say to myself. Also a heavy rain coat and off we go with Laura chatting away. We walk, we jog, we walk, we jog it's quite hard going as the grass is long ( growing for hay now) and very wet but we carry on. Then I see my neighbour and need to stop to talk about a dead lamb ( sorry) so pause all the apps ( Laura and run keeper) 5 min chat and we are off again unpausing everything . We carry on til the end and Laura tells me I ve done well and run keeper tells me I ve only managed 1.8 miles on the time Laura gave me. So does it all count I feel like I cheated but I am very red faced and warm so I know I've had a bit of a jog!

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As I said to someone the other day, there are no C25K police - it's up to you. If you feel you did it, count it as run1. There are two more the same to do before you move on so you can prove to yourself that you can do it.

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Best to do it properly, and without interference..😕


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