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Returning to the programme after 3 years

In 2013 I completed the programme full of good intentions to keep going and to allow running to be the break from the telephone and people.   Three years ago I was months into a new job, and still trying to find my way, never realising how much of my time it would consume if I allowed it.   It didn't help that in 2014 I fell while out walking cutting open my knee which didn't heal well and lead to a repeat bout of cellulitis.   For a wee while I was concerned about walking or running anywhere by myself in case I fell again.   Much of my life involves dealing with people over 70, and at nearly 30 years younger I was beginning to understand some of their fears as they recovered from serious illnesses.

In November 2015, with Christmas on the horizon and the thought of another year at several stone overweight began to weigh on my mind.   Although able to function in my job, I was conscious that I was constantly tired.   A routine visit to the practice nurse had also highlighted a light raise in blood pressure.   Much to my disgust I had to visit the doctor for the first time in four years.   However perhaps to my benefit as it highlighted a thyroid problem.

By Christmas I was a stone lighter, and with a fitbit strapped to my arm I have slowly become addicted to complete at least one of the challenges on my arm.

Post Christmas, and with the potential worst weather I found Laura on my iPod and pulled out the trainers and jogging bottoms I had hidden in the cupboard.

This morning I have completed W8R1, even if I had to start in the pouring rain.   It was sunny on the return home.   I've new trainers, a pair of running trousers I'm not prepared to wear yet.   I'm not fast, in fact walkers regularly overtake me.   I'm fairly sure I walk faster than I run.   But this time I feel absolutely addicted.

I love the feeling of fresh air in my lungs, and a clear head to start the day.   And I'm planning beyond week 9, because if I don't next week will end and so will I.   So I've put the stamina podcasts on my phone already.   

There's a local park run, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to take part yet.   It's one of the hillier courses and although the route I run is equally as hilly it has the opportunity for recovery more frequently, rather than one long incline.   My next thought is that post week 9 I could go and run elements of it by myself during the week so I know which bits I'm most likely to struggle with.   

I should also say that with a modified diet I am now two and a half stone lighter.    Only several more to go!!!

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Wow - lovely post. You have really taken a hold of your life and health and are achieving great things. Hope you are planning a special celebration for your graduation run!


Welcome back and many congratulations on the weight loss and for restarting the programme. You sound very determined and the fact you feel "absolutely addicted" is a great indicator that you'll keep this going post graduation. Keep posting here as there's loads of fab support and many others who are doing the same run as you.

Well done!


Good for you.  Congratulations on starting again and getting to week 8, you are nearly there .  


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