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Week 7 on hiatus as back on IC :-(

Not happy!

I'm really enjoying the programme but right at the end of w7r1 as I was 20 mins in feeling great despite high winds my calf pulled again. Exactly the same as my week 5 injury which put me out for 9/10 days.

I rested as much as possible for a week but then we went to London for the weekend which involved a lot of walking and I think that may have set me back again.

I've got a compression bandage and it's starting to feel a lot better now. I just want to get back out there!!! It's my birthday on 13th May and I really really wanted to graduate before then :-(

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Sorry to hear about your injury. My calf muscle started to tighten during my run on Sunday. Today, 5 mins from completing my first 20-min run it started again. I dug deep and finished the run but have been having twinges all day. I've just had a warm bath and am using my son's foam roller on my calf. It's apparently very good at sorting out muscle tightening/pulls.  It's my birthday on 13th May too. I'm hoping to run my first Parkrun the day after; a week before I'm due to finish the plan. Hoping the excitement will get me through! Best of luck with your recovery, you will get there! 

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Thanks littlemissronnie. Yay for another Friday 13th birthday :-)

Think i'll give the roller a try. Hope your calf settles down too

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