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W2R3 and Painful Legs!

I made it to the end of W2 with a lovely first run back at university. I had been worried about running here because there are lots more people around, but it was a beautiful day and I actually really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my legs are now in a lot of pain. It's mostly concentrated around the back of my knees which seems an odd place! They are most painful when I am going down steps. I was wondering if it was something to do with my new running shoes? They fit well and felt lovely to run in but maybe the change caused some sort of problem? If anyone has any ideas or advice please let me know!

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People around, is good.. they get to see how amazing you are, and they feel jealous, because they cannot be bothered! :)

I had trouble when I tried new running shoes...mine were too bouncy...hence my Tigger posts! My knee got crocked.. front, not back though..

Listen to the knee and the niggle.. if it is really bad do not run! I did  and was crocked for over ten days! I am still breaking in the new shoes, walking etc... but am running in my old faithfuls again...

Hope it sorts..keep us posted!


Are you having a good stretch after your runs? If the ache has developed after the run it could just be stiffness as you use your muscles in a different way.  Maybe take a couple of rest days between runs to let things settle down. Good luck!


This is what you need.


Thank you, I'm beginning to wonder if the pain is because I wore heels all day for a wedding on Saturday! I don't usually wear them so my legs could still be recovering! I didn't run today just in case, but I don't want to leave it too long!


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