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I have found the C25K+ Stamina podcast quite useful in keeping me going in my  Parkrun quest for a time starting with  3 rather than a 4. I have to get it started straight after pressing the stopwatch button on my Tomtom - I usually fail with one of them but yesterday it was the podcast itself that was the problem. It ran fast, rather like a 33 rpm record (if you remember them) set to play at 45 rpm. So Laura's pacing - 1,2,3,4 - was more than a little beyond my ability to keep up (and she sounded a bit frantic too). The outcome was not good at 41+ min.

I have no idea why this happened. Has anyone else come across  this phenomenon with any podcast?

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When you open the podcast look at the screen should see a couple of figures indicating the speed it's playing. X1 being normal speed, I would suggest in your hurry to get it playing you have accidently pressed the screen and changed the playing speed to X1.5.


You are of course correct. I wasn't aware of the feature but I am now and I shall add it to the checks I make before the panic pressing of buttons when the run start is signalled.

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Not had any issues, but maybe as BObP says... you pressed something!


Odd. Haven't experienced anything like that.