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Podcast times

Completed week 7 run 3 today however noticed problem with length of run, the 25 min run on the podcast is actually lasting 37 min!! I have checked it 3 times with stopwatch, is anyone else having this issue. is it my MP3 player?

Good news is I have run for 37 min 3 times this week, did think these runs seemed long but managed. will use watch in future and not rely only on podcast.

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The 37 mins includes your warm up and cool down walks.


no this was only the run time, on timing the warm up walk this was 7 min not 5 min. I took the time from being told to start running to being told to walk. I only noticed on the run because I had a watch on and the times were not matching and on returning home I have listened and timed the podcast and it is running slow this may just be download problem with my mp3 but I plan to time some of the other podcast just to see. However it is a great programme and if I am running a bit over that's fine.

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Are you using the zen labs app? I used that one and yes for some reason once got int week 7 the run part was as you say 37 mins. What I did was use zombie run, which I love and was my motivation for the couch to 5 k . You can set each episode to the length you want and if you run over it goes to radio mode. 


thanks all, I was using the current NHS version however week 7 and 8 when timed were incorrect, thanks to poppypug answering another's question I have found a link to the 2010 podcast which I have downloaded and timed, it is correct. so all set to go out and do week 8 run 1 this pm


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