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Week 7 - the good, the bad and the ugly

So just completed week 7 after loads of encouragement on here following a difficult run in week 6.  Overall not too bad.  The first run felt good all the way through, just kept at a steady pace.  The second run started off with a distaster in that I left my phone at work and was too afraid to run without Laura so took a trip back to work before starting running.  Luckily after that it went smoothly. 

Then we hit today.  First time running in the rain and normally I don't run on a Friday but busy this weekend and so forced myself out.  Felt tired the whole way around but took the advice and slowed down to barely faster than a walk and managed to get around.  Unfortunately post run felt a slight pain in my knee so facing a few days on the couch to make sure I don't get an injury.  Disappointing end to an otherwise fairly successful running week.

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You just finished week 7. 25 minute runs! In the whole scheme of things that is NOT disappointing :)

Out of schedule can throw all sorts of spanners, physically and mentally.

Give the knee it's time and you'll be back to it smashing week 8 :)


More disappointed in hurting my knee than anything else.  Actually very happy that I'm getting stronger mentally and beating the gremlins


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