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Thought for the day

There was a man running about 50 meters ahead of me on my W7R2 run last night, and I witnessed another man, sat on his garden wall smoking a faaaaaag, say to him "come on you can do better than that".  When I reached him I think my glare may have been the only thing stopping him firing a bit of life advice at me too.

Anyway, the above proverb goes out to him and his nay sayers.  Up yours.  We rock.

Peace xx

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We totally rock!  Strange that someone sitting down smoking thinks they are qualified to give racing tips.  Just ignore it, I have found most people are so encouraging with a "keep it up" or a friendly good morning


The answer would be "so can you!  Give up the fags and join us before it's too late" 


Love the ancient proverbs... I wonder, why are people so horrid? It is totally beyond me. 

Maybe, if it happens again...a change of tactic... stop.. stare him straight in the eye and say. " I often wonder, if people can run as fast as their mouths... " Then sprint off like a gazelle :)


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