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W2R2 - no grumbles!

My body has finally caught up with my mind, positivity abounds! After sore shins, a slightly wobbly ankle (from pratting about) and other low level ankle/foot tightness, W2R2 brought zero bodily grumbles! I'm not finding the increased 90 second runs too much trouble either, well, aside from when they coincide with hills. Still, I've not had to stop mid run yet.. fingers crossed.

I had a wonderful moment running on a long straight stretch with Macklemore's Downtown blaring in my ears. I felt like I was in my own film, just minus cheering crowds.. the lambs were pretty supportive though. I was on such a high that I defied Laura's sacred instructions and had a little extra run in the 5 minute warm down, such a rebel..!

My partner picked me up straight after the run and we went to Lidl to see if there were any running goodies left. We left with one pair of socks for me and a whole bunch of High5 Zero tablets for a crazily low price - success!

Anyhow, hope everyone has a great day, running or not.. happy Friday all!!

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Congratulations - it only gets better! Take it slow and steady though :-).


Aldi good for running bits n bobs too :-) Enjoy  x

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Congratulations! I'm so pleased for you! 

It's really encouraging for me to read this post as I have just completed my first Week 1 run without stopping. As in, for the past three times, I've only managed to run for a total of six or seven minutes -- I always had to stop for a stitch, or because of sore shins/wobbly ankles (I also run in the countryside with lots of hills and uneven gravel paths!), but today I smashed all 8 minutes, and I couldn't believe it! 

I'm planning to tackle it again two more times before moving onto Week 2, but to see that your positivity hasn't wavered at all since the increase has really given me hope, so thank you!

I'm gradually becoming addicted to just how revitalised I feel after each run -- it seems to be the perfect cure for sluggishness, and I love it!

Happy Friday to you too, and I hope your success continues!

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What a lovely message, thank you! That post run high really is addictive, isn't it?! Congratulations on smashing your non-stop run, it's no easy thing, especially if you've got hills to tackle. Sometimes I think that if I stopped on an uphill I'd probably start to roll backwards! I struggled more than I thought I would with W1R1 and 2 but it really didn't matter, the sense of achievement far outweighed any of the frustration/wobbly ankles.

It's wonderful that you're enjoying it so much, revitalised is SO the right word for it. Keep us updated on your next runs, mini celebrations are in order for progression to W2!

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