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Only my second post!

Hi everyone haven't posted since my false start in January when I wasn't following plan and ended up on IC with really BAD knees. Got great advice from you guys and stated C 25k soon after.  Well I am no on W6r2 so far injury free😀 Have repeated weeks and been very cautious but now feel great run for 20 mins on Saturday so following plan by week as feel don't need to repeat weeks amazing! Cheers guys loving reading your posts. 

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Great to hear from you, and good to know you are taking things steady. Don't be frightened to post, we love hearing how everyone is doing and your experiences will help others. Week 6 can be tough but it sounds like you are doing fab. Keep going.


Yeay..back on the road again. Slow, steady and you will get there :)


Great work, well done 😊


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