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5k, 6k and parkrun

So since I graduated at the end of last month I've been trying to increase my distance and time out on a run - slowly but surely.

I ran for 30 mins after completing couch to 5k for another couple of times just to make sure I felt comfortable which surprisingly I did. My next goal therefore was to try and run for a full 5k. My next time out, I adapted my route a little and managed to push through right to the end. I think I possibly could have run for longer but didn't want to push it. I'd added on an extra 3 or so minutes and that seemed like another big achievement to me. I can't tell you the pride I felt on slowing down to walking.

A couple of evenings later I went for 5k again, this time with a friend. We went extremely slowly and tried to make sure we were happy right til the end. Well we were! We were starting to work out what this 'runners high' was all about and it was feeling good. Next came the big one - let's try and run for 5.5k we said and increase it slowly. 5k came and went, 5.5k came and we weren't that far from our normal end point...okay why not just beast it out and increase our pace until the end of the road. A full 6k!! I couldn't believe it! I'm not sure I could have run for much longer to be fair but it sure felt great - another runners high!

So on the Saturday just gone I thought I'd try out a park run. My first one. My friend couldn't make it so I went by myself...a bit nervous but full of confidence. Unfortunately, I think I underestimated just how good everyone else was and just how recent a runner I was. That's not to say I wasn't proud of myself - I was beyond proud. I wasn't last, I ran all the way and it was my first experience of running on a specified track (as opposed to just running round the streets near me)! I was 291st out of 323 but I was fresh faced, out of breath and in my eyes a winner! Thanks Couch25k, a couple of months ago I never would have said that I'd be able to achieve any of this but thanks to Laura I feel as though I'm definitely a runner.

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Well done on parkrun 😊you should be very proud of what you have achieved so far 😊

Parkrun is an amazing event for all abilities, we all run our race at our own pace  😊 no heed to compare yourself with anyone . 

Keep at it you really are do great 😆

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Brilliant ! Well done you !

You are definitely a RUNNER ! :-) xxx

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You are certain sure a runner and well done for braving the parkrun. 

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