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back from The Broads

Hi all,

well back after two weeks on a boat!  I did manage two short runs 3.5-4km each week so this mornings 5k didn't hurt too much!

Running on The Broads is an odd experience.  It can only be achieved when you don't rough moor away from paths or mud weight in the middle of a Broad!  So when we moored by a path i took advantage and went for it.  You wouldn't believe it but it was actually hillier than where I live in the fens!

The best run was my penultimate one - mainly for the reason that I got up and dressed in a cold boat and opened the door to a glorious sun and blue sky to find outside warmer than in!!!

Anyway, back at work now and the normal routine :(

Only thing I'm glad about is being able to get back on here to all your lovely posts and encouragements


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Well done for keeping the running up while away. Welcome back.


Sounds lovely.. and you got a couple of runs in... welcome home! :)


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