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Running with a rucksack - any tips?

I was just contemplating doing a couch to 5k run on my way to work. Anyone got any experience or tips on running with a rucksack? Is it loads harder?

I'm at mid- week 3 and have had a gap of a few days due to other things going on. It's about an hour's walk for me to get into work (I normally drive) but I've been wondering whether I could do one of the runs to get to work (and walk any leftover distance) but would need to carry a small towel and change of clothes with me. Any advice or experience out there on running with a rucksack?

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Why don't you take your towel and change of clothes in and leave them at work on a non run day?

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I often run home from work with a rucksack with pretty much the essentials and my clothes from work and that's ok. I have run once in the morning and it's ok. A towel does make a difference believe it or not so if you can take it the day before and leave it at work, I would recommend that. Good luck!


When I was working I used to pass a bloke running to work who must have travelled MILES as it was way out on the bypass! I remember the Christmas he got a multi coloured light he strapped on to be seen!

He didn't carry a rucksack so I assumed he kept a set of clothes at his workplace. I always admired his relaxed style, and h wasn't wearing any earphones at all! What a hero!


I got a 6.99 lidl cyclists one and I love it.  Very useful for jogs to the shops.  It is comfy too and is secure and doesn't move about or chafe.  I use it for walking too.  I travel light mind you. It's not huge.  There was a choice of funky colours.  It has quite a few pockets and cubbies. Not sure i've found em all yet 😊


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