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My first sub-30 minute 5k!

I finished C25K a month ago and since then I haven't really been actively trying to run faster, I've just been following the advice that increasing distance will lead to a better pace. I have probably upped my distance a little too steeply (I'm going to tone it back a bit over the next few weeks) and last week I ran 16.5 miles which shows that not only am I fitter than I was a month ago, but that I am also getting addicted to running! 

My previous best for a 5k was 30:35 (9:50 pace) but today I managed to run one in 28:42 (9:14 pace) which is a massive improvement for me and shows that I am slowly but surely getting better. For my longer runs I am running slowly (yesterday I ran 5 miles at a 10:54 pace) and it obviously isn't hurting my shorter distance pace. Going to keep doing more of the same and hopefully in a few weeks I'll be running even faster. 

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Congratulations :-D that is a huge speed increase :-) 


That's brilliant and well done on upping the distance.

I graduated in August and still not sub 30 but getting closer.


Well done - that is an inspiration for me! 

I am currently on week 6 and already feel addicted to running :) 


I dream of a 30 minute 5k! Well done you!


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