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New shoes

New shoes

Lovely day here and went to Run4It at lunchtime to get a gait analysis and buy a new pair of shoes to replace my two year old cheap as chips Adidas - very interesting experience and they were very helpful. Tried out three different pairs and the Asics pair I ended up with were the cheapest, still pricey but not quite as much as I thought I'd end up spending. 

Watching the football on the TV just now but then out for my W3 Run3 run outside this afternoon - that'll be a new experience for me as all my running up to now has been on the treadmill.

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Lovely Asics! Fab colour too! May you be fleet of foot and faster than the wind in them! 😀


Nice shoes! Take care when running outside from treadmill for the first time...


Very nice shoes, great colour ☺


Well that was different to normal - first couple of hundred yards the tarmac felt really hard but I got used to it and new shoes were fine

Last three minute run was tougher than the two previous runs in the gym - not sure I got the pace right and was breathing out of my backside when Laura came on to say 'one minute to go' - last couple of runs I've upped the pace for the last 60 seconds and been comfortable but today I was hanging on, got there though

Brief hail shower as I did warm down walk was just what I needed - off for a shower now and feeling fantastic.

Day off tomorrow then onto week 4

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