Frustrated on the injury couch

Well, it's been over a week with no running since I injured my right calf on week 5 run 1 last Friday.  Very very frustrating but I know I just have to rest it. Managed to walk down the street to the bottle bank last night but that was painful and reminded me I'm a long way from trying to run yet. Today is especially hard as its Saturday -  I'm off work and free all day and it's sunny!  Plus, I exchanged my holey running shoes earlier this week so have brand new shoes to run in! Itching to get out !! (who would have thought?)

Today I should have starting been week six. But now not sure how I'll be when I do get back to it and if I should now go back to week 4 after the long unplanned break. We will just see how I do! 

Enjoy your runs today folks - and if your leg is painful towards the end please stop then despite Laura encouraging you on. I didn't and pushed thorough , and am regretting it. I am sure if I had stopped a couple of minutes earlier a few days rest would have seen me out again  and achieving the run and moving on. 

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  • Oh no hope you make a speedy recovery and you not out for too long but better to be safe than sorry.


  • Thanks Steve!  I just so wish I had stopped when my body told me too last time! Anyway staying indoors today and hoping that helps. 

  • Sorry to hear that you are injured - you are doing the right thing by resting. Must be very frustrating. All the best....

  • Thanks! It has made be realise how much I am enjoying the programme as I am champing at the bit to get out again !!

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