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Week5/Run3 - 20 mins

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I don't know why but I'm feeling rather deflated after having completed this run.  I thought I'd be over the moon like I was when I did the 8 mins run (twice).  It maybe due to lack of sleep and stopping the nicotine patches today.  Looking forward to a day off and starting Week 6 on Sunday.

Hope everybody is enjoying their runs and progressing as planned.


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Keep going just think of the elation after Week 9 Run 3! That's what I'm focusing on even though I'm dreading my next one...it's for 25mins. Well done for the 20 mins!

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Hi Xyreina, thanks for the encouragement, I think I just had a bad session, it must be great to finally graduate.  If you can do the 20 mins you'll sail through the 25 min run.  Good luck and happy running

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You have done brilliantly to get this far- well done! Good luck with week 6. 

Thank you Celtprof, I'll do my best.

Oh no poor you, keep it up your doing a grand job. Well done on the nicotine patches and I guess you have to stop sometime but always harder if you dont sleep very well.. I'm s dreadful sleeper Ave 6.30 hours with a wake at 3 for a wee. Don't be hard on yourself enjoy tomorrow x

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Rubywednesday in reply to Lyndsf

Hi Lyndsf, thanks for the encouragement, I think it's sunk in now and I'm really looking forward to starting week 6 tomorrow (had the weekend off at my bfs).  

Yeah poor sleep is a b*tch.  I was hoping that tiring myself out running would help it improve but not so far.  Good luck with your running and I hope you manage a good night's sleep. xx

ruby it has been mt experience that removing nicotene from the system can for a short time have a the effect of a low mood.

but you ran for 20 mins well done  

Aye, it could have had something to do with it, it's getting a bit better now, Week5/R3 has sort of sunk in now and I'm really pleased that I've done it and really looking forward to week 6, I came home from my bf's early because I knew I wouldn't run there lol.

Thanks for the reply and good luck with your running.


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Come on... you are doing fine...just a tad tired maybe.

You are on the way and looking good.

 A new week to start and you will rock it... we are all here, right behind you :) 

Buck up :)

Hi Oldfloss, yeah it was probably the fatigue and lack of nicotine, it's sunk in now and I'm really pleased, itchy to get started on week 6.


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Hi Ruby,

It's  very hard when you decide to stop smoking and plus doing this C25K 👏 Well done ! I remember when I decided to stop and then 3 months later I got diagnosed with High Blood Presure and Diabetes It took me a year to get over the shock and decide to do something about it!! I used to walk for 20 minutes every night but it made no difference. It's a great shame you didn't feel the massive high of completing 20 minutes non stop it shows that you can do it 🤗 Have Your day off and enjoy I always have 2 days at the weekend because I do strength excercises on the day after I run, so I ran last night so I actually totally rest today and then start again with strength exercises tomorrow. So that when I start the week it is actually the next week... YOU will get there You have made the first move of getting yourself fit and healthy and although you might not feel it Your body is feeling it... Your doing Fantastic and I hope You get a buzz next week with WK6 and a 25 minute run to look forward to... I look forward to to seeing You progress and I 🙏 That it gets easier for You. I know it was at this point I started to really believe I would Gradute and that this was going to be more than a program to complete it was a stepping stone on to the new life I am taking to do.. My goal is to be medication free! So I control My body😊 Good Luck and Keep on Running...

Hi Oldpapabear, so sorry to hear that you've got high blood pressure and diabetes, hope it's under control and not causing you too many issues. Thank you so much for the encouragement, it's sunk in now and I'm feeling really pleased with myself that I've done the 20 min run and I'm really looking forward to starting week 6.  I've ordered a new mp3 player, hope it comes before the 25 min run as the one I have now is cheap chinese rubbish and seems to have a mind of it's own lol.  

I too would love to be medication free, I take loads and it may never happen but I hope to come off the statins first as I've stopped smoking, I'm improving my diet and running all contribute to lower cholesterole.

Hope you you manage meds free soon and good luck with your running.

Best wishes 


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OldPapaBearGraduate in reply to Rubywednesday

Hi Ruby,

I'm doing fine 😊 It was as with most people a Love of bad foods like made My BMI to be in the 30's and I had the body of Father Christmas! 🎅🏻 Now my BMI is in the 20's (First time in Years🤗) and Father Christmas's body has gone back to the North Pole! 🎅🏻 On track for reduction in Medication and Love the feeling of 'Feeling Good' keep going and Your Rock WK6 hope the MP3 player comes soon💃🏻 To help You dance Your way to Graduation... 👏 

Hi OPB, can I borrow that Father Christmas costume, I'm eating like a horse now I've stopped the patches, keep thinking if I run I won't put on weight, huh lol.  Week 6 is going fine, enjoying it again.  The mp3 player is due tomorrow, it had better turn up!  

Keep feeling good and best of luck with the meds.


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Well done!  This one is a real milestone but perhaps you will find that week 6 will lift your spirits. 

Hi Hilbean, thank you for the feedback, feeling much better now I've had the weekend to rest and look back on how far I've come, really looking forward to week 6.

Hope your own running is going well and thanks again.


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W5R3 is a landmark in your running career and even if you have missed out on the elation, you should still be proud of your achievement. We are just a bunch of chemicals and changing the balance will inevitably alter our moods. Running will give you plenty more highs for years to come, so stick with it, congratulate yourself.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Thanks lannodaTruffe, I'm really pleased now it's sunk in, canny wait for week 6.  Running definitely gives me a high and I usually come back from the gym in a great mood, it was probably just fatigue and lack of nicotine last week.  

Thanks again and best wishes to you.


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I bet you'll feel better on the next run, it happens! But you did it!😊

I'm really pleased now it's sunk in Davelinks, thanks for the advice and good luck to you too.


oh no, I feel for you, I felt the same the week before but I was like you, with lack of sleep and run down.

move on to the next week and you will be fine - I felt much better the following run (once I'd had a good nights sleep).

PS HUGE well done on the 20min run xx

Hi Lou, yeah started week 6 today and it was fine, not the high that I sometimes get but ok, thanks for the support, it all helps.

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I felt like that too sometimes, I was even a bit grizzly on my graduation run. I put it down to not eating enough. I've never liked eating first thing in the morning but I make myself have something before a run, and I've been fine since.

Hi Curlygurly, did my first week 6 run and it was fine, yeah I don't normally run in the morning so I've got plenty time to eat breakfast/lunch, glad things are better for you now.


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