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My little mantra


Hello fellow runners! 

I have 2 sisters.

One is incredibly fit, rides her bike, rides her horses, runs marathons, has even run an ultra marathon. Is as thin as a whippet with a stomach like an ironing board.

The other sister is not so fit, possibly a little unfit.

And then there's me - 55 years old, carrying way more weight than I'd like, gets out of breath going up the stairs or walking up a slight hill, smokes (yes yes, I know!) and has done no exercise since school and that was a very very long time ago.

So my not so fit sister and I have started the C25K plan.  We're only just starting W3R2 and it's been a very long slow battle. I've had to repeat each week plan at least twice, sometimes 3 times and it's been incredibly hard.  My sister that I run with is absolutely brilliant at keeping me motivated. 

Right at the start of the training my very fit sister told me something that has kept me motivated and makes me smile when I think of it.....................

You don't have to go far. You don't have to go fast. You just have to go.

So that what we've done. We've gone. We've started. We've made the effort. And whilst I can't say that I'm enjoying it one little bit, I am chuffed with myself for getting off my bum and doing it and not giving up! 

And when I look back at how much I struggled to run for even one minute at the start of the training, I can see how far I've come. 

I love this forum for the encouragement from fellow runners, the fact that it isn't just myself that has found it very hard, for the uplifting stories and most of all the feeling that we've all been there, all struggled, all fought on, all continued to try.

Keep going everyone. Do your best. And in the words of Laura - you're doing great!

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You're doing it and I bet when you started you couldn't imagine yourself running for 3 minutes (I know I couldn't and I'm on week 3 too).

We can do this!!  :-D

Brilliant!  Keep it up - you may not ever love running (it's not compulsory!), but you will always LOVE the feeling of achievement you get from knowing you got off your couch and got out there.  Fabulous post :)


Wonderful post.  You're absolutely right, it's getting out the door that matters, not the speed, distance, or number of walk breaks.  Keep it up.


I love this post Jilly..

Well done to you and sis , keep at it , it is going to be so worth it ! :-) xxx


Keep it up Jilly and your sister is absolutely right - as long as you're out there giving it your best shot that's the main thing. 


Loving that mantra. Thank you!

And you ARE doing "great". Keep up the good work! 🏃🏻😊


Lovely post - hold that mindset and you will be just fine! Good luck to both of you🙂


Your very fit sister is a lot more genuinely all round fit than a lot of people who think they are.


You and your Sis..brilliant. Well done both of you.

Slow, steady and keep at the quotation...I am a great one for quotes :)

You too, are doing GREAT!


gorgeous mantra... and huge well done you and your sister are doing just great 

Love that ☺

Good luck with the rest of the programme 


Brilliant. Go Go Go!

Thank you everyone for your really kind words.  Jill xx


Love that mantra and just wrote it down and stuck it on the hallway mirror 😀

Jillyrich in reply to RubyRunner

Aw thanks, Rubyrunner, that's so cool! Glad you liked it! 

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