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Second time out

Thank you for all the encouragement you gave me for my first run on Wednesday! I'm about to go for W1R2. I was wondering if there is a particular sort of ground that is best for running novices? My first run was across fields and I found the uneven ground a challenge. Today I am going to try roads and see how that feels. Does anyone have any advice, or your own preferences? 

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Well done! Grass & loose gravel feels a tad softer, watch out for hidden dips in the grass, the roads give a more of a pounding, you can mix the surfaces up as you like to find out what you prefer. It's nice to have a bit of a change..

For the programme just step as you normally would, don't try & change anything. Run slow & steady, speed doesn't matter!😊

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I agree with the lovely davelinks..he knows of what he speaks! 

I run on both.. prefer dry days on the fields, and as he says, watch out for those hidden dips. I have learnt to embrace mud..which is a challenge, and really wet days. like today, are lane/road runs.

Just go wherever, in your own time, slow and steady, keep alert and you will find the right path for you :)


Find what works for you- which might mean some experimentation on different routes. I find running around the roads in my city keeps me interested, as I am possibly the nosiest person alive so I like the people watching that comes with that route. Each to their own- whatever works. Well done for getting started. 


I just finished W1R2! 

I did it on the treadmill, as it's been snowing like crazy over here. I usually run/walk the dog around the neighborhood on the sidewalk, if I have time for a longer run/walk I'll go to the open area with gravel trails. 


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