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W8R2 Toughest Yet!!!!

This was tough!! I wasn't expecting it to be easy as I'd read other posts with this being the case but I didn't realise it would be so hard. I had to fight every step of the way. I wanted to give up at 10 minutes at 15 minutes, at 19 minutes. The whole way through! Tbh typing this now I don't know how I did it. This isn't really me. I'm the person who flops down and says I can't do this anymore! But I got the determination from somewhere to keep going! I didn't enjoy it at all whereas the last run was real adrenalin. Wondering what run 3 will bring?!

It's nearly the weekend - yay!!

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Only 4 more runs and then graduation! If a run gets difficult then slow down. Run 3 will probably be completely different - somehow no two runs are the same and then you're into graduation week! Good luck and have fun!


You nailed it Happywalker, that run is now banked in your legs, you may not have enjoyed it, but will benefit from it.

Maybe take an extra rest day if possibe, then take the first few mins of the next run really slowly, (your body needs a few mins to get plenty of oxygen into your bloodstream which will really help with breathing and fatigue)... then you will relax and find it easier...

Good luck with run 3..as you say you are determined to do this and you will.😊xx


You didn't give up.. you blinkin' well did it!

Well done you ...Run 3 will be fine.. slow and steady!


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