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26 down...and knee stitches?

So, almost to graduation - I did my W9R2 yesterday - it is getting better if still extremely slow - the unpleasant aching in the lower calves and ankles has stopped - not sure if this is because I have been stretching properly after a run or if my muscles and tendons are getting used to it, it's a great relief whichever. But what is it with those weird suddenly-come-and-suddenly-go intense pains in the side of the knee that make you run sideways for a few strides and then vanish? It sort of feels like a stitch, and never like an injury, but very odd. 

It was a lovely morning and although I can't say I enjoy the run yet, it is hugely helpful to understand why I always want to give up for the first 5 minutes. 

So to graduation - I am running 2.6 miles as part of a charity relay team on Sunday which is why I started this in the first place - so that will hopefully be my graduation run. Never really thought I could do this and thought I would be walking part of the way like last year. Great programme and great support on this forum.  

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What a lovely way to graduate!

Are you going to keep the running going afterwards?


I'm certainly planning to - if I don't start enjoying it more I might just try for one run a week and do two other sessions each week like HIIT or weights or something. But hopefully I'll get to the point where the run itself is more enjoyable. 


Good luck with your graduation run beverley... 😊yes  feel sure stretching afterwards helps with the aches and pains.. 

Not sure about your knee issue. Have you ever had your gait analysed in a running shop to check you are wearing the correct footwear. Some people over pronate  which can cause stress to the knee.

Just a thought. Hope this helps.

Almost there..onwards and upwards. Go you.😊

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Thanks Jan - I haven't done that and I think it's a good idea - my graduation present - a gait analysis and some zippy new running shoes!

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