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Laura alert to all finishing WK7 and about to start WK8 😱

OK had a blip on WK8R1 when Laura came on and told me 'OK slow down thats's...' And then cut out and by the time I'd looked at my stopwatch to discover it was 27 minutes so a full minute before we were supposed to finish and last night in the wonderful sunshine I did WK8R2 and had already set watch up and ready and just as R1 Laura came on and said 'OK slow down that's it.....' But this time looked at the stopwatch and saw 27 minutes so said 'NO Laura not this time!!!!! 😡' so anyone starting WK8 and using the iPhone app for C25K watch out!!!

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Laura's timings aren't the best! I have my doubts on whether the timings on the Speed podcast are accurate...

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