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In shock!

I worked from home today, as I have an eye infection and couldn't be seen in public, but at 5pm I put the kit on and hit the roads for my W8R3. I had managed to improve my average I'm pace by 30 secs on Run 2, and was feeling pretty buoyant about running in sunshine today. It was gloriously bright, with a gentle cooling breeze. All felt well with the world, and my app even worked so I had the pleasure of Laura's encouragement for the first time in weeks. 

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, or why, but I ran 4.5k in 33mins, as opposed to the barely 4k I've been managing. My average pace was 7.19 against the usual 8.20 or so, and I got a personal record for 400m, 1k, half-mile, mile and 2 miles!! I am well aware this not particularly speedy, but for me it's unbelievable. It didn't even hurt - though I was tired when Laura announced only 5 mins to go, so I'd clearly expended more than normal levels of energy.

Bring on W9... I'm ready for you 🏃 😊

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Making great progress! Not long to graduation now!

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Only one more week till graduation! We'll be there at the finishing line, cheering! Sounds as if you're really getting into the swing of things - brilliant! 

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