Brillant run

After a few of weeks of not running due to holidays and parents visiting, I am slowly getting back into a routine. 

I decided to take it really slow and was amazed that I managed to jog non-stop for 35 minutes on the treadmill without panting and puffing. I am so looking forward to my next run on Wednesday, I will probably stick to 35 minutes for the rest of this week and increase the speed and distance gradually.

Love the feeling after a good run, full of energy and simply buzzing. 

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  • Well done hunni xx

  • Thanks vicky.

     I was only jogging at 4mph for 30 minutes, then I upped it to 4.5mph for the final 5 mins ( basically fast walk)

    Thought it was better to be safe than sorry!

  • Last night mine was only an average of 4.6mph, that's my usual hahahaha xx

  • Well done you 

  • Thanks Lyndsf, it's so good to get back into a routine again. 

  • Brilliant Run goes with your name! Wohoo. R

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