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Hi all, this is my first post :-)

I started C25K last week and have already been bitten by the bug!!

Just a quick question.. has anyone else experienced lower abdominal pains after a run? These are similar to having a urine infection. 

Doesn't hurt while I'm running, just afterwards! I did have a hysterectomy  4 years ago .. perhaps everything's just a bit weak 'down there' lol 

Sorry for the graphic post!! Any advice would be fab :-)

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Might be worth checking with a doctor as I wouldn't think that is usual.  Do u drink lots of fluids before and after a run?  Sounds painful! 😳


I suppose if you've not done exercise for a long time, or if ever, if you're like many of us here (blush) then you can expect to feel discomfort.  Hydrating properly is key to this running lark.  Good old tap water will be fine but drink plenty of it.  

Running does jiggle your middle about and it can be the cause of indigestion and stitch. These niggles do diminish however the more you run and the fitter you get.

The early c25k sessions are mercifully short and shouldn't cause any undue strain but if you're worried then see your GP

Be sure to run only very slowly. No need to speed up.


Have popped to see the nurse and have some antibiotics for uti :-( 

will defo be drinking LOTS more water! 

Thanks for the advice :-)


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